2008 Results and News
CISSC agility trial January 12,13 2008
. -Abbi- Ex. B Std. 21 pts. 2nd place. Ex. B JWW 9 pts. Double Q!!
Sun.-Abbi- Ex. B Std. 14 pt. 3rd place. Ex. B JWW 8 pts. Double Q!!
Abbi has completed her 750 pts toward her MACh! Now to finish the double Q's!

Lafayette Agility Trial Feb.2008
Abbi- 3rd place in Ex. B JWW, 13 Mach pts.

Indy Winter Classic Show Feb 2008
Nita- WB, BOB for a 3 pt. major!
Troy- 1st place in rally Nov. A with a perfect score! (2nd leg)
Quinn- BOB pup and puppy Group 4!

ACI Nov/Open Agility Trial, Feb. 16,17 2008
- Nita 3rd place in Nov. B JWW- NAJ title!!
Boom- Q in Nov. B JWW (1st leg)
Sunday- Nita- 4th place in Open JWW (1st leg)
Boom- 1st place in Nov. B JWW (2nd leg)

OTB-ASF show (ASCA) Feb. 16, 2008
Troy wins a 3 pt. major!

Lafayette Rally Trial , March 1, 2008
Whisper- 2nd place in Advance B. score 97 (1st leg)
Elliott- 2nd place Adv. B, score 96, and 3rd place Ex. B.,score 96. (2nd RAE leg)
Lazaras(visiting collie)- 2nd in Nov. B. score 96 (tied for first) (first leg)

Louisville Cluster, March 15,16 2008
-Boom- Q in novice JWW, NAJ title!!!
Abbi- Q in Ex. B Standard (12 pts) and Q in Ex. B JWW (5pts ) ,Double Q #15
Glory- 1st place in Ex. A standard (1st leg)
Sunday- Abbi- Q in Ex. B JWW (8pts)
Boom- 3rd in Nov. B Standard (1st leg)

German Shepherd Rally trial, Beech grove, March 29th 2008
Whisper- Perfect score(100) in Rally Adv. B. 3rd place. (tied for first)(second leg)
Lazaras(visiting collie)- 2nd in Nov. B (score 94) (tied for first) (second leg)

Noblesville Rally trial, April 5th, 2008
Whisper- 3rd place in advanced rally- (score 97) RA title!!
Elliott- Q in rally ex. and 2nd place in rally adv. (score 98) 3rd RAE leg.
Lazaras(visiting collie)- 4th in rally Nov. B (score 97) RN title!!

Dekalb AKC show. April 5th, 2008
Troy and Audrey- Best junior handler.

Crown Point AKC show April 11/12, 2008
B match - Quinn- BOB pup and Group 2.
Glory- Best in Match!! (Handled by Tracey)
Saturday- Quinn- WD/BOW 1pt. (Thank you for helping handle him Tracey)
Boom- RWD
Sunday- Troy and Audrey- 1st in Open Senior Junior Handling

Terre Haute AKC show April 17/18/19 2008
Boom- RWD
Friday- Boom- b-match- BOB, Group 2
Saturday- Troy and Audrey win Open Sr. JH and Best Jr. Handler!

Merrillvile Agility trial April 20, 2008
Glory- 1st place in Ex. A JWW. AXJ title!
Abbi- Q and 10 pts. in Ex. B JWW.

USASA Nationals April 2008
Troy and Audrey win 1st in Nov. A Obedience and Rally Novice A.-- RN title!!

HWASC Conformation and Agility trial May, 2008 Fri, Sat, Sun
Abbi and Madison(age 6) - 2 Q's in Nov. Jumpers JH, their JJ-N title! Plus a Q in Open Jumpers JH and Nov. Reg. JH.- 6 first places!
Boom- 3 class wins in Open Red Merle, plus earned his JS-N agilty title!
Ace- Class win in Altered Open Black . Earned two q's in elite jumpers- JS-E title and first 10 ATCH pts. Plus his first elite gamblers leg.
Glory- 2 Q's in Open Jumpers- JS-O title. Q in Nov. Gamblers- GS-N title. 1 1/2 Qs in Nov. reg.
Troy and Audrey- RWD to 4pt. major

Collie Club Agility trial, Lebanon,IN May 10,11, 2008
Abbi- 2nd place(13 pts) Ex. B JWW/2nd place(4pts)Ex. B Std. Double Q #16!

Kokomo Kennel Club, May 16,17,18
- Quinn- Winners Dog 1 pt.
Nita-Reserve Winners Bitch
Quinn (b match)BOBpup and Group 1
Boom- (b match) BOBadult and Group 1
Sat.-- Boom (b match) BOBadult and Group 1
Sun- Nita- Reserve Winners Bitch (to a major)

Fox Valley KC, May30,31/June 1, 2008
Audrey and Troy take 3 Best Junior Handler wins!
Audrey and Troy have now qualified for Junior Handling at Westminster!!! Congratulations you two!!!

June 7th, 08- Happy Birthday Roxie, Boom, Troy, Jordii, Whisper, and Chester!!
The Owen x Sky babies are 2 years old!

July 12th, 2008- Happy Birthday Quinn, Bo, Cody, Indigo, Dobby, Vegas, and Apple. The Ace x Nita babies are 1 year old!

Kishwaukee Kennel Club, July 12,13
Troy- wins Best of Breed
Sun.- Troy and Audrey win Illinois Best Junior Handler Award!

WAG CPE agility trial, July 26,27
Troy and Audrey qualify 8 out of 8 runs, earning four 1st placements and four 2nd placements, and four new titles! CL1-S, CL-1H, CL-1R, CL-1F

Muncie Kennel Club , August 16
Nita wins winners bitch for 2 points.

HWASC show, August 22,23,24
Boom wins Reserve Winners Dog to a major
Whisper earns 3 qualifying legs for her CD obedience title.
Jordii and Brooke earn their first novice obedience leg.

Walworth County 4-H fair, Wisconsin August 21 and 27
Troy and Audrey have a very successful fair!
Grand Champion. Int. B Agility, Grand Champion Novice obedience dog.
High scoring obedience dog with a perfect score of 200!! Grand Ch. Brace Team

Danville, IL KC , August 30, 31
- Boom gets 2nd place in Nov. B rally with a score of 99.
Nita wins Winners Bitch(1 pt.), BOW, Best of Breed!
B-Match: Quinn wins BOB, Group 1, and Best in Match!
Sunday-Boom gets his second Nov. B rally leg.

Kenosha KC, Sept. 6,7
- Troy earns 2nd place in Rally Adv. A and 1st in Nov. A obedience.
Sun.- Troy earns 1st in rally Adv. A and 1st in Nov. A obedience. AKC CD title!

Evansville Obedience Club, Sept. 5,6
Dobby and Beth earn their first two legs in rally novice.

Lafayette KC, Lebanon, IN. Sept. 13,14
Nita gets WB for 2 pts, BOS. NEW CHAMPION!!!
Boom gets his 3rd leg in novice rally with a 1st place. RN title!
Troy and Audrey get their 3rd leg in advanced rally with 2nd place. RA title!
Sun.-Nita goes out as a special and wins BOS. (Handled by 6 year old Madison.)
Troy and Audrey earn their first leg in excellent rally. 2nd place.

Sept. 21- Quinn earns his CGC.

Terre Haute KC agility trial Sept. 27,28
Abbi gets 1st place in Ex. B Std, 20 pts.
Sun.-Abbi- 1st place in Ex. B JWW(10pts) & 1st in Ex. B Std.(10pts) (double Q #17)
Glory gets 3rd in Ex. B JWW(3pts) , and 2nd in Ex. A Std. (2nd leg)

Collie Club Agility trial, Lebanon In , Oct 5
Abbi- 1st in Ex. B std.(8 pts), 2nd in Ex. B JWW.(9 pts)(double Q #18)

GOASC agility trial, Dayton OH, Oct 12
Whisper-Nov. jumpers, two Q's, two 1sts, JS-N title!
Boom-Nov. Reg Q (1st place) & 2 Q's in Open jumpers(2nd & 3rd place) JS-O title!
Ace- Q in Elite jumpers.(2nd place) 10 pts. toward ATch.
Abbi and Madie- Q and 1st place in Nov. Reg. JH
Glory- Open Reg- 2 Q's (two 2nd places) , RS-N title! and....
Q/1st place in Open Gamblers, & 2 Q's in Elite jumpers,(two 1st places)JS-E title!

October- Jordii and Brooke pass the CGC test. (Canine Good Citizen)

November- Boom passes the CGC test. (Canine Good Citizen)

November 8- Dobby and Beth earn the 3rd leg/RN title with a 3rd place.

November 8- Nita whelps 9 healthy puppies!

Fundog CPE Trial, Round Lake Beach IL 11/15-11/16
Troy and Audrey-Level 2 Jumpers - Qualified
Sunday- Troy and Audrey- Level 2 Colors - Qualified with 1st place!

Illiana Collie Fanciers Agility Trial, Merrillville, IN 11/29
Glory- Q in Ex. B JWW- 6 Mach pts. & Q and 2nd place in Ex. A std. AX title!!

Cream City Canines Agility Trial, Dec. 4,5, 7
Troy- Nov. Jumpers Preferred.(20") Clean runs & 1st places all 3 days!! NJP title!