We are located in central Indiana. While we have been competing with our dogs for over 30 years, the Australian Shepherd became our breed of choice in 1999. We compete in conformation, agility, obedience, stock, rally, dock diving, and junior handling and have other Revelaire-bred dogs that also compete in barnhunt, tracking, and lurecoursing. We have multiple junior handlers in the family. Dawn is an ASCA non-regular breeder judge, a 4-H judge, and a certified CGC evaluator. She is a member of ASCA, USASA, and Crossroads ASC.
Contact: Dawn Williams
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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
Roger Caras
Revelaire wishes you wonderful 2018!!!
Revelaire Australian Shepherds
Home of :
"Nita"-HOF AKC/ASCA CH Stargate's Ancient Heart NA NAJ JS-N DNA-CP
"Boom"RTCH Revelaire's Color Explosion CGC RA RTX MX MXJ JS-E RS-O GS-N RJ-N JJ-O
"Ryder" AKC/ASCA CH. Revelaire EZ Ryder by Stargate JS-N JJ-N DNA-VP
"Ellie" A-CH Revelaire Elegance by Stargate NP NJP RA JJ-E RJ-E GJ-O DNA-VP
"Libby" ASCA CH Revelaire's Glorious Liberty CD REX AX AXJ RS-O JS-E GS-E STDs OTDd
"Indy" ASCA/AKC CH. Revelaire's Miss Indiana DNA-VP
"Case" VCH PCH RTCH2 CH Revelaire State Your Case
"Cider" CH Revelaire's Hot Spiced Cider RNX JJ-E RJ-N GJ-N
"Nicki" ASCA CH Revelaire's Silver Nickel JJ-E RJ-N GJ-N RE RNX STDd
"Iron" CH Revelaire The Iron Man RMX REM NA JS-N RS-N STDd
"Secret" CH Revelaire's Best Kept Secret RNX RS-N JS-N NAJ STDd
"Shimmer" Arcoiris Shine Bright at Revelaire RN
"Akira"- Akira By Surprise NAJ (Schnauzer)
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RTCH Revelaire's Color Explosion CGC RA RTX MX MXJ JS-E RS-O GS-N RS-N JS-O DNA-VP
Dogs Co-Owned by Revelaire:
A-CH Revelaire Whisper's Irish Echo RM JJ-N RS-N"Echo"
Revelaire's Storm Chaser RA RNX"Chase"

Family members: L-R Tim, Madie, Macy, Emma, Drew, Dawn
CH Revelaire The Iron Man REM RMX NA JS-N RS-N STDd
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A-Ch Revelaire Miles of Smiles for Sophie. Sophie not only finished her Altered Championship this fall but qualified for the Finals. She won a Premier at Nationals. Congrats to owners Teresa and Don.
Dogs top row: L-R Boom, Indy, Cider, Secret, Shimmer, Nicki, Ryder, Case, Nita
Down in front: L-R Libby, Glory, Kira, Ellie, Iron
December 16-17- ARF agility trial. *weekend cut short due to injury

**Iron earned a leg in Open Jumpers

**Echo earned a leg in Open Regular

**Glory earned a leg in ACE Sr Jumpers.

**Trick and Ellen earned 3 Elite Regular legs and 1 Elite Jumpers leg.