Revelaire Offspring
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Owen x Sky litter 6/7/06
Ace x Nita litter 7/12 /07
Beau x Nita litter 11/8/08
Stargate/Revelaire litter
Spencer x Glory litter 2/12/09
Sired-By litters: Other breeders using our boys. *Sorry, not updated!
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Boom x Pearl Litter
Quinn x Pip Litter
Ryder x Phoenix Litter
Ryder x Belle Litter
Quinn x Journey Litter
Ryder x Prarie Litter
Ryder x Daisy Litter
Ryder x Savanna Litter
Case x Arrow Litter
Ryder x Daisy Litter2
Quinn x Whisper litter 10/21/10
Piper x Nita litter 5/16/11
Owen x Ellie litter 2/3/12
Ryder x Libby litter 5/13/14
Cash x Indy 10/2/14
Slick x Libby 5/1/15
Case x Indy 7/15/15
Case x Indy 12/28/16