Dogs Bred by Revelaire:
Dogs with * reside here at Revelaire. All others are loved and owned by other families.
See "Offspring" page for more information and pictures.

2006 Owen x Sky litter
CH. Revelaire Legendary Tale RE AX AXJ NJP CL1 CD JS-O RS-N GS-O, ASCA mjr ptd."Troy"
Revelaire's Rebel Arisin' at FC
CGC RN ASCA alt. ptd. "Jordii"
RTCH Revelaire's Color Explosion CGC RA RTX MX MXJ JS-E RS-O GS-N RJ-NDNA-VP "Boom"
Revelaire's Rockin Rock Star "Roxie"
HOF Revelaire Speak Softly CGC CD/CD RE/RE JS-N AKC ptd. "Whisper"
Sir Chester Revelaire "Chester"

2007 Ace x Nita litter
U-AGII Revelaire's Mischief Maker RN NA NAJ OF O-TN-N NAC O-NJC "Dobby"
UKC /ASCA CH. Revelaire Scots Laird MacQuinn CGC JJ-N DNA-CPAKC ptd "Quinn"
Revelaire's Dancin on the Edge of Blu "Indigo"
Revelaire's Bo "Bo"
Oh Whatever Revelaire "Cody"
High Roller of Revelaire
NA NAJ "Vegas"
Revelaire Navy Admiral Apple "Apple"

2008 Beau x Nita litter (Co-bred with Stargate)
*AKC/ASCA CH. Revelaire EZ Ryder By Stargate JS-N JJ-N DNA-VP "Ryder"
HOF A-CH Revelaire Elegance By Stargate NA CD RE JJ-E RJ-E GJ-O DNA-VP"Ellie"
Stargate's Sundance Kid "Sundance"
UKC/ASCA CH. Stargate's Blue Blend Coffee CD RA JS-O AKC mjr ptd. "Mocha"
UKC/ASCA CH. Stargate's Shhh Don't Tell "Destiny"
Stargate's Apollo "Apollo"
Stargate's Chidori "Chidori"
Stargate's Roo "Roo"
Stargate's Indy "Indy"

2009 Spencer x Glory litter
*CH Revelaire's Glorious Liberty CD RM AX AXJ RS-E JS-E GS-E STDs OTDd"Libby"
A-CH Revelaire Speed'N Under Cover NA OAJ JS-O GS-O RS-O RM "Speed"
MACH-2 Revelaire Full Speed Ahead MX MJB JS-E GS-E RS-E"Cruise"
Revelaire's She's Got the Look
C-ATCH Revelaire's Race To Freedom GS-O RS-N JS-N "Freddy"
Revelaire All Bets Are Off "Betsy"
MACH-2 Revelaire Double Espresso MXS MJS XF CGC JS-N RS-O "Kona"
Revelaire's Steppin Along With Me
Revelaire Rush to Logan "Logan"

2010 Quinn x Whisper litter
UCH Revelaire All Riled Up RN/RA BN CD W-FDX RO1 AKC ptd/ASCA mjr ptd. "Riley"
Revelaire Lukin Good
Revelaire Cleared for Takeoff
Revelaire's Autumn Frost
CGC RA "Jessie"
A-CH Revelaire's Fire Hazard RM BN "Timber"
Alt-CH Revelaire Whisper's Irish Echo CGC RM RS-O JS-N"Echo"
ATCH MACH Revelaire's The Monkey King CGC HIC BN UD RAE MXB MJB XF JS-E-SP CDX "Trick"
Revelaire's Midnite Chrome
CGC NA "Senka"

2011 Piper x Nita litter
*HOF AKC/ASCA CH. Revelaire's Miss Indiana "Indy"
CH Revelaire Tuggin at my Heart CD REMX AKC RN BN AKC ptd. "Tugg"
Revelaire's Care Bear "Bear"
Revelaire Radley Skinner
A-CH Revelaire's Heart of Gold AX MXJ JS-E RS-E GS-E "Kate"
Revelaire's Storm"Storm"

2012 Owen x Ellie litter
*SVCH SPCH WTCH RTCH-2 CH Revelaire State Your Case CD RTX OA AXJ OF
RS-E GS-E "Case"
CH Revelaire's Silver Nickel JJ-E GJ-N RS-N RNX RM STDd"Nicki"
Revelaire's Beau "Beau"
Revelaire's Lead With Your Heart "Rylee"
Revelaire's Compelling Truth
RN NI NE NC "Helo"
Revelaire More Cents than Dollars"Peso"
Revelaire's Premium Joker "Joker"

2014 Ryder x Libby litter
Revelaire's Awakening of Kenai CGC RE BN "Kenai"
Revelaire's Storm Chaser
RA RNX "Chase"
CH Revelaire's Fortune and Glory AKC ptd "Mia"
Revelaire's Spyder-Man
CD JS-O GS-N RS-N NA RE "Spyder"
U-CH Revelaire's Kodachrome BN RNX ASCA Alt. mjr ptd. "Koda"
Revelaire's Ella
Revelaire' s Rios
Revelaire' s Navy
JS-N RS-O"Tie-Dye"

2014 Cash x Indy Litter
CH Revelaire's Shattered Glass "Bristol"
CH Revelaire Whatever Lola Wants AKC mjr ptd "Lola"
CH Revelaire's Hot Spiced Cider RNX JJ-E RJ-N GJ-N "Cider"
Revelaire' Jasper "Jasper"
Revelaire's Kolby "Kolby"
CH Revelaire Give Me Three Steps CGC OAP OJP RSA-O JSA-O JS-O OA NAJ RATN CA "Linda Lou"
A-CH Revelaire's Miles of Smiles for Sophie CGC "Sophie"

2015 Slick x Libby Litter
*CH Revelaire The Iron Man RTX NA JS-N RS-N STDd"Iron"
Revelaire's I'm All That
Revelaire Son of Anarchy
RNX BN "Teller"
Revelaire's Jumpin' Jack
OA OAJ "Jack"
Revelaire's Rushin' Roulette
NA NAJ "Roulette"
Revelaire's Quiet Riot
Revelaire Vincentius Vita "Vinny"
Revelaire's Mai Ti Tanium "Ti"
Revelaire's Master of Treasure "Jasper Jaxson"
Revelaire's in the Nik of Time
OA OAJ "Nikki"

2015 Case x Indy Litter
*CH Revelaire's Best Kept Secret RAX RE RS-O JS-N NA NAJ STDd"Secret"
U-CH Revelaire's Touch of Sugar and Spice BN "Sugar"
Revelaire Four on the Floor GT "Shelby"
Revelaire's Ace "Ace"
Revelaire's Denver "Denver"

2016 Case x Indy 2.0 Litter
Revelaire's Master of Shadows
Revelaire A Stellar Pilgrimage
RA ASCA mjr ptd.
Revelaire's Shining Star

Our first litter arrived in 2006. We breed an average of one litter a year. We are so proud of our Revelaire offspring!!