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News and Results from other years:
2018 Show results and news
January News:
Spyder and Elle earned legs 1 and 2 towards his RAE!
Littemates Trick and Ella have qualified for the Rally National Championship!
Spyder earns Rally legs 3, 4, and 5 towards his RAE.

February 3, GLKC agility trial
Secret earns legs in Novice Std and JWW with 1st and 2nd places!

Febuary 10-11. Gateway ASC
Iron earns 2 legs in Nov. Regular to finish his RS-N, plus a leg in Nov. Gamblers.
Secret earns 2 legs in Open Regular.
Nicki/Emma finish their JJ-E and RE titles & get a leg in Masters Rally and HITJr
Cider/Madie earn 3 RJH.
Shimmer/Madie earn 3 legs in Novice rally for the BN title.
Lexi wins 2 Altered Majors and an A-BOB with Madie handling and then with Diane finishes all Elite agility titles, he REX in rally, and 2 legs in Novice obedience.
Cliff (Ryder son) earns RWD.
Koda/Stephanie win A-WB and 2 A-RWB.
Speed/Ron win A-BOB.
Teller/Bonnie earn three legs for the BN title.
Tali/Alyssa finish the BN title.
Bravo/Beth finish their RMX and earn legs in agility.
Halo/Gemi win RWB two times.
Bravo/Gemi earn the RM title.

February 17. ACI agility trial
Secret finishes her NAJ with first place.

February 24-25 MASA
Iron earned 2 QQs and finished his REMX and RTX titles
Case earned 2 QQs
Secret earned two Qs with X legs to finish her RA title.
Trick and Ellen earned their CDX with 2 HIT and 2 HIT Aussie.
Spyder and Ellen earned their CD title with first place!

February News:
Scott (Case son) earned his first leg in Senior Barn Hunt with 1st place!
Cruise earned MACH-2!
Sugar and Tom earn two legs in Novice obedience.
Jin/Paul earned their RATN & 2 High in Class awards!

March 3 GLKC agility trial
Secret finished her NA title and earned her first leg in Open JWW!

March 10-11 GASC stock trial
Case earned 2 legs in Advanced Cattle to finish his ATDc title, and his WTCH!! That also completed his SVCH and SPCH!!
Lexi and Diane made their debut & earned their STDd and STDs with placement!
Bravo (Ryder son) and Beth earned their STDd title!

March 24-25 GOASC rally trial
Case earned two XX QQs and a High Combined
Madie and Shimmer earned 3 legs in Advanced for the RA title plus 2 HIT Jr.
Emma and Nicki earned 2 legs in Masters for the RM title and a HIT Jr.
Secret earned three legs in Excellent for her RE.
Iron earned two QQs.
Alyssa and Tali earned their RA title.
Q and Gemi earned several QQs and finished their RMX.
Gemi and Halo (Case daughter) earned WB/BOW and WB to to finish her CH!!

March News:
Cliff (Ryder son) and Debi earned their MACH!!
Halo (Case daughter) and Gemi finished their NA title.
Tali (UKC)
Sugar and Tom earned their RN and also recieved their Achiever Dog certificate!
Galinda (Ryder daughter) earned 2 BOBp.
Mark (Ryder son) won BOSp
Koda and Stephanie earned their CL1-R and CL1-H agility titles.
Ellie is now a Hall of Fame dam!!
Teller and Bonnie earned two legs in AKC Novice rally with 99 and 100!

April 7-8 GOASC Agility trial:
Case earned an Elite Gambler Q and 2 Elite Reg. Qs.
Secret finished her RS-O and got her first leg in Elite Regular.
Shimmer made her agility debut with Madie and earned a leg in Nov. Jumpers.
Cider and Madie earned a Q in Elite Jumpers
Echo finished her RV-O title!
Kate and Anne qualified in all 4 Elite Gambles plus other Qs.
It was so great to see so many fantastic Revelaire bred or sired dogs excelling with their trainers and handlers. There were 12 talented dogs at the trial representing and making me proud! Congrats to Mike and Shelby, Gemi and Q and Halo, as well as Vinnie, Cinnibar, Bailey, Luna, TyeDye, Cruise, Piper, and Jazzie!

April 14-15 ASC of MI:
Iron earns 2 XX QQs in rally.
Case earns 2 XX QQs in rally and a High Combined.
Madie and Shimmer earned a leg in Excellent rally.
Madie and Shimmer won RWB.
Gemi and Halo earned a leg in Advanced rally.

April News:
Vinnie and Anne finished the NA title
Kate and Anne earned some agility Qs
Indy is now a HOF dam!
Whisper is now a HOF dam!
Wish (Case daughter) earned her UKC CH in three shows with Beth A.

May 11-12 Indiana Collie Club AKC agility trial:
Secret earned an Open Reg Q and Open JWW Q, both 1st place.
Piper earned a QQ. Congrats, Dave.
Kona earned a QQ. Congrats, Mike.

May 18-20 MASA show:
Case earned 3 rally QQs with a HC and tie for HIT.
Iron earned a rally QQ.
Shimmer finished he RE and earned 2 legs in Masters.
Secret earned 2 legs in Masters.
Libby/Macy won the movement class and Best Veteran twice.
Case won the movement class.
Sophie and Teresa earned 4 Rally Novice legs in the RN title!
Wish (Case daughter) and Beth won WB/3pt major and RWB.
Q (Case son) and Gemi earned several XX QQs, including a 200!
Halo (Case daughter) and Gemi earned the BN and RAX titles.

May News:
Darla (Case daughte) earned multiple legs at an AKC stock trial on sheep and goats with 2 HIT, 1 RHIT, and High Combined! Congrats on your girl, Wende!
Wish (Case daughte) won WB for a 4 point major! Congrats, Beth!
Helo and Christina earned their NI, NE, and NC titles.
Linda/Jayme finish the OF title, get a leg in Ex JWW, and a leg in Masters STD.
Fallon (Case daughte) won WB/BOS/5pt major. (Hailey)
Spyder (Ryder x Libby) earned his OF title with two 1sts. (Ellen)
Trick (Quinn x Whisper) earned 2 more Masters Qs. (Ellen)

June 1-3 Crossroads ASC show:
Case finishes RTCH 3.
Iron earned a QQ and HIT and High Combined!
Shimmer/Madie won WB/BOW for a 3 point major!
Madie won 5 BJH!
Drew won 5 RJH!
Tali/Alyssa won RWB and earned Qs in rally and obedience!
Haze/Becky (Ryder son) earned legs in Novice rally!

June 9-10 Around the Farm ASC
Case earned Qs in Elite Regular and Elite Gamblers
Iron finished his GS-N title and earned a Q in Open Regular.
Trick, Spyder, Cruise, and Piper earned legs too!

June News:
Trick and Ellen earn MACH 2!

June 29-July 1 ASC of MI, Midland, MI
Shimmer/Madie finish the RM title and add an extra leg.
Madie/Cider earn 4 BJH.
Meredith(Boom daughter) goes WB/BOW to finish her Championship. (Jennifer)
Olivia (Ryder x Bristol) wins 2 BOBp and 2 BOSp. Congrats, Jennifer!

July News:
Wish (Case daughter) TWO AKC majors! Congrats Lori and Beth!
Iron pups- Kindred, Maui, Ferrous- multiple BOBp and BOSp between them.
Rouler (Iron pup) and Trisha earned their Trick dog title.
Case pups- Spark, Wraith, Dill- muliple BOBp and BOSp. (congrats Brittany!)
Trick/Ellen- Trick earned a QQ and Spyder earned OAJ and Ex Fast Q.

August 4/5 GOASC agility trial:
Case Elite Gamble Q and Elite Regular Q.
Congrats to all of the Case kids, Ryder kids, and other Revelaire offspring for making us proud with your amazing runs!

August 17-19 Gateway ASC, Purina Farms:
Case 2 Elite Gamblers leg- GS-E-OP and Q in Open Obedience.
Secret- Q in Novice obedience
Cider/Madie- Elite Jumpers Q and Open Regular Q. + 4 BJH
Shimmer/Madie- Q in Novice obedience
Iron- Q in Novice Obedience
Cruise/Yvonne- ATCH!!
Piper/Dave- Agility Qs!
Kate/Vinne/Anne- Qs in agility!
Olivia(Ryder x Bristol) and Jennifer win 2 BOSp.
Lexi/Diane-RM/X, CD, A-WB/BOW/BOS-New Altered Champion!! + agility Qs.
Koda/Stephanie- A-WB/BOW/BOB- New Altered Champion!!
Bravo (Ryder son) and Beth finish their RM and earn agility Qs.
Teller/Bonnie finish their REX & Teller wins WD/4pt major! Handled by Beth A.

August News:
Libby is a HOF dam!!
Haze(Ryder son) and Becky earn their Trick Dog title and an AKC Nov. rally leg.
Koda/Stephanie earn 2 Nov. Regular legs.
Lexi/Diane earn their AKC CD, RN, and AXJ.
Echo and Malorie earn an leg in Open JWW and finish the NAP. (Lesley)
Trick/Ellen earn 2 QQ and Spyder/Ellen earn a leg in Ex. Fast.
Pixar(Case son) wins Puppy Group 1 two times! Congrats, MaryBeth/Brittany!
Majik/Lizette win AKC BOBp and Group 2!