(ASCA/AKC Ch. Te Amo Top Gun-Wild Child CD DNA-CP x ASCA/AKC Ch. Sandy Acres the Grand Sophie)
"Nita" DOB: 1/31/04
Shelly Gordon/Sandra Benson
blue merle
19 5/8"
OFA hips GOOD, elbows NORMAL
scissor bite, full dentition
Eyes CERF cleared 6/13/08
Finished in ASCA with 4 majors
Best of Breed Winner in AKC and ASCA

Show record:
ASCA- WB,BOW 3pt. major,judge Carol Anne Kriesal
ASCA- RWB, judge Eric Brickson
ASCA- WB, BOW,BOB 5pt. major, judge Gemi Sasson-Brickson
AKC- WB, BOW 5 pt. major, judge Dr. Eric Leibes
ASCA- RWB, judge Eric Brickson
ASCA- WB, BOW 5 pt. major, judge Roberta Brady
ASCA- RWB, judge Sandy Rees
AKC- RWB, judge Ms. Donna J Garten-Kiser
AKC-RWB, judge Dr. Robert D. Smith
AKC-WB 1 pt., judge Mrs. Bettie L. Krause
ASCA- RWB, judge Kim Cochran
AKC- WB, BOW, BOS 1 pt. judge Mr. Charles Trotter
AKC-WB,BOW,BOS 1 pt. judge Mr. Wolfgang Schnitzer
ASCA- WB, BOW 5 pt. major New Champion! -judge Ann DeChant
AKC- WB, BOW 3pt major. judge Mrs. Lois Wolff White
AKC-RWB, judge Mr. Robert Frost
AKC- RWB, judge Mr. Houston Clark
AKC-WB, 2pts., judge Mr. James Neal Barrett
AKC-WB, BOW, BOB, 1 pt. -judge Dr. Robert D. Smith
AKC-WB,BOS , 2 pts. New Champion! -judge Mr. William E. Usherwood
AKC-Special-BOS. Handled by 6 yr. old Madison. judge-Mrs. Margaret Carole Jeffery
Nita is a sweet girl with a cute head, nice neck, and gorgeous movement. Judge Gemi Sasson-Brickson says she "just floats around the ring."
Nita also competes in agility. More than anything, Nita is a cherished family member and is a best friend of our children.
Nita at 18 mths. ASCA BOB from classes over specials, 5 pt major
Thank you judge Gemi Sasson-Brickson
Above: WB,BOW 5 pt.major at HWASC, May 2006 Thank you judge Roberta Brady
photo by John Beals
photo by Tien Tran
above: New ASCA champion! Thank you judge Ann DeChant
Nita WB,BOW,BOS handled by Audrey Carter
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Above: New AKC Champion
Thank you judge William Usherwood
Nita wins WB, BOW, 5 pt. major at Louisville, Ky. March 2006 Judge Dr. Eric Leibes