Our dogs are AKC/ASCA registered. We only use breeding adults with hips that are rated GOOD or EXCELLENT, and Elbows NORMAL by OFA. Their eyes are cleared by CERF within 12 months of the breeding. Our breeding adults are tested for the MDR1 and HSF4 genes. We are adding DM, CEA, and PRA testing. All parents are DNA'd.

**See below to read our breeding goals.
Our breeding goals:

1. Health: We only use breeding adults with hips that are rated GOOD or EXCELLENT, and elbows NORMAL by OFA. Their eyes are cleared by CERF within 12 months of the breeding. All breeding stock is DNA'd for parentage. We only breed bitches between the ages of 3 and 7. Typically a bitch will be bred once or twice, with a limit of 3 litters from an exceptional producer. We try to keep our breedings as "safe" as possible. It is important that your aussie will be able to live out a long healthy life.
2. Temperament: We only breed adults with great temperaments. Then we start at birth to insure that our Revelaire babies will have wonderful temperaments. We do Early Neurological Stimulation and they are exposed to every kind of noise, sight, and surface we can think of. They are exposed to kids, cats, different dogs, other animals, and travel.
3. Conformation: We do breed with the hope of producing dogs that can compete in the conformation ring. But whether our puppies go to show homes, performance homes, working homes, or pet homes, they need proper conformation to be all that an aussie is meant to be. We always attempt to breed to the breed standard.
4. Instinct: Even though we do not compete in working trials, or herd with our dogs on a regular basis, we respect what the Australian Shepherd was bred to do. An aussie without stock instinct is lacking.
5. Brains: This is meant to be a very intelligent breed. They should be easily trained, and quick to catch on to new things. They should be able to do the highest level of obedience, search and rescue, agility, tricks, etc. They are known to outsmart their owners and must be admired for such brilliance.
6. Athleticism: The aussie should have great speed and agility. Being bred to work stock, they must be able to sprint at high speeds, turn 'on a dime', and have the endurance to do it all day! This athleticism transfers over to the performance ring in areas such as flyball, frisbee, and agility.
7. Versatility: As may be obvious by now, we strive to breed a versatile Australian Shepherd. This breed should be able to do it all. Although there are many different 'styles' of Aussies out there, we believe it should and can all come in one package. That is what our wonderful breed is about. A "show dog" without instinct to work stock or the intelligence to do obedience or the athleticism to do agility is not what was intended of the breed. A great performance or working dog that can't live with children or other animals is also not what the breed is supposed to be. One of the greatest things about this neat breed is that it can do it all! We strive to produce puppies that will grow into beautiful, correct, intelligent, athletic, healthy, sweet, and stock-minded dogs. We wouldn't expect anything less of this wonderful breed!

Revelaire Breeding Information
**We very carefully screen prospective puppy buyers to make sure each puppy goes into the best forever home.
Our goals and how we raise our puppies.
How we raise our litters:
1. Our litters are raised in the home. They are born in the laundry room where mom can have some peace and quiet, but there is still plenty of activity and foot traffic for the puppies to experience.
2. The puppies are handled and socialized from day one. We use the Early Neurological Stimulation system. (ENS)
3. Tails and dewclaws are removed by a vet at 2-3 days old.
4. We use noise desensitization techniques to prepare the puppies for household sounds as well as the noises they will encounter at shows. They listen to tapes of dog shows and common noises that soon become lullabies to them. They also hear the daily activity of our family, including 4 noisy kids.
5. Revelaire dogs typically love kids! They are handled and interact with children daily. They are introduced to cats, other dogs, horses, goats, ducks, and more.
6. The puppies get to play on many different surfaces, inside and out. We give them a great variety of toys made of different materials. We also have puppy agility equipment for them to play on.
7. Weather permitting, we start early house-breaking. We teach the puppies to follow us outside to potty immediately after waking or eating. They soon learn to GO as soon as they hit the grass!
8. We put a great importance on socializing both before and after the puppies go to their new homes. Potential buyers are welcome to visit with certain safety precautions.
9. Puppies get their eyes CERF'd by an opthomologist between 6-7 weeks. They are health checked by a vet around 7-8 weeks. We do minimal vaccination. We follow Dr. Dodds protocal and give this information to our puppy buyers. Our moms are not x-rayed to avoid exposure to radiation. We raise our puppies as naturally as possible.

**11. We do evaluations at 7-8 weeks old. We cannot make placement decisions before this time. Puppies leave for new homes at 8 weeks old. We carefully screen all potential homes. We welcome all buyers into the Revelaire family and expect a relationship for the lifetime of the dog and beyond. We place each puppy with the expectation that they are going to a forever home.

***Looking for a puppy now? The following breeders have puppies available or litters planned:

-Ryder x Raisin litter in Ohio! DOB: 9-15-17 . Raisin is a daughter of the multiple MVA winner Certik. Contact Suzanne: shembly43440@live.com
*Only 1 puppy left!

10. Puppies start puppy mush around 4 weeks old. We use high-quality meat-based kibble mixed with our own fresh goat milk. They continue to nurse on mom until at least 6 weeks.
Our next Revelaire litter will be out of Nicki. She will be bred after the 2017 ASCA Nationals. This will be a versatility/performance litter for experienced owners only. Preference to performance homes. Nicki is extremely athletic and intense. We can't wait to see these babies!! All four colors expected.
ASCA CH Revelaire's Silver Nickel RA RNX JJ-O GJ-N RJ-N STDd
**Waiting list has started. Contact Dawn. revelaire_aussies@yahoo.com
Photo by Amber Jade Aanensen
Fire is an proven producer who has offspring training and competing in all areas. He produces great temperaments and sound structure. Thank you Becky Androff for allowing us to use your boy.

20", 51 lbs.
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal
MDR1, HSF4, CEA, PRA Clear.
Scissor bite, full dentition
eyes cleared

See more about Fire on his website:
Tree Star Aussies
Nicki is Emma's Juniors dog. They also compete in agility and rally and have plans to add stock and obedience.

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal.
Eyes cleared
Scissor bite, full dentition.
Red factored
19 1/2", 45 lbs
***Very exciting litter plans for 2018/early 2019 litter! This litter should do it all!!
VCH PCH RTCH-2 CH Revelaire State Your Case CD RTX AXJ OA OF RS-E JS-E-OP GS-E
ATDds OTDc DNA-VP. "Case"
CH Revelaire's Hot Spiced Cider RNX JS-O RS-N GS-N "Cider"
These will be versatility puppies that should excel in conformation, agility, stock, rally, obedience, dock-diving, and more.

These will be high-drive, energetic dogs that need a job to do. Experienced homes only with a preference to versatility/performance homes.

See Case and Cider's own pages for more information.

Contact Dawn to ask for a questionnaire: revelaire_aussies@yahoo.com
-Exciting new Ryder litter coming to Texas in December! (Ryder x Zora)
Veritas Australian Shepherds. Email: info@veritasaussies.com
Black tri female