About Us
Madie gets an early start on puppy socializing.
(pictured with Troy and Boom)
About Revelaire:

Revelaire is a dream come true. From a young age I knew I wanted to train and breed fine dogs. I love training and competing with my 4-legged best friends. I also wanted to produce puppies that would enrich the lifes of their new owners and make us all proud. Thank God that dreams do come true.

One of the first questions people ask us is what does REVELAIRE mean? It is a Latin form of the word of the word Revelation. Not only an important book of the Bible, but there is deep word in its meaning. It means "Awakening, or eye-opening occurrence." Everything about owning, breeding, training, and showing dogs is just that, a revelation.

Our family:

We live in rural Indiana, on a 7 acre "farm" with horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, cats, kids, and of course the dogs. We work well as dog show family. Tim is happy to stay home and take care of the remaining dogs while I take off to dog shows. We have 4 kids that are all involved in our dog program.
On the side, I am a showmanship 4-H leader with Boone county, a 4-H judge, an officer of the Hoosier Working Australian Shepherd Club, as well as a member of ASCA and USASA.

After nearly 15 years of training and showing dogs in 4-H, AKC, ASCA, and two different mixed breed organizations, I decided that it was time to settle down and chose a breed to focus on, one that might some day be the breed to fulfill my dreams of becoming a successful breeder. This of course was a family decision and we spent much time researching and traveling to shows to experience the breeds. After narrowing down the choices, the obvious breed for us was the Australian Shepherd. This was also a breed that I had spent years around in training and competing at the ASCA shows. We purchased our first pup soon after.

Our goals with this breed have always been to buy and breed true to the breed standard. We were drawn to the intelligence, temperament, and versatility of the breed and strive to maintain everything that is attractive about them. We want our dogs to be correct in conformation and temperament, but with the intelligence, instinct, and talent to work stock, run agility, or do obedience, rally, tracking, Frisbee, etc. While we do breed for and compete in the conformation ring, we do not chase the latest fads or cater to the winning trends. When our dogs succeed, it is because they are true and correct to aussie form. See our litter plans page for more information about our breeding goals.

I have been competing with dogs for around 30 years now. Currently we compete in agility, conformation, obedience, rally, stock, and dock diving. Our children also compete in junior handling.

Thank you!:

We would like to give a special thank to some very special people. First to the breeders who helped us gather our foundation stock and who along the way have become great friends and have given helpful advise: Julie Anderson of Dekor Aussies, Lana Singleton and family of Loyal Spirit Aussies, and Shelly Gordon of Stargate Aussies. I would also like to thank Cathy K. and Anna S. for their mentorship when I was a teen. They both encouraged/pushed me to be a successful dog trainer and competitor. They went out of their way to help me in that experience, taking me to many shows and seminars. A special thank you to my Grandma G. Mathias who not only let me tag along as a little girl to her IOTC obedience practices, but bought me my first set of competition jumps and is still one of my biggest fans to this day. Of course a very special thanks to my parents who tolerated and supported me through all of those crazy years of taking me to dog practices and shows. They are great supporters of our dog passion and are the world’s best dog sitters! Thank you to the grandparents who have watched the kids many weekends so that I could travel to shows.
And a very special thank you to my best friend, my husband Tim. Even through some eye-rolling he has always supported my passion in dogs. He ignores the amount spent, or the time I have to be away at shows, and is always ready to welcome a new dog into the family. Tim and my four wonderful kids make this all possible.

Our Future:

We have produced 10 litters of Revelaire dogs. Thank you so much to those who believed in our dogs and now love and cherish them. We trust you with our babies! We are proud of what these owners have already done with these dogs, and know there is much more to come.
We typically plan one litter a year. We carefully place those puppies in the homes we feel best for each pup. Those puppies are our future and our legacy.
We are excited to see what the future holds!

The girls making the best of a rainy weekend show!
Our van and camper.
Our horses: Rocky, Killian, Hawkeye, Brandy
Our goats: Cassie, Shocker, Twister, Rummy