2016 Results
Jan. 29,30 - GLKC Agility trial
Case finishes his NF and earns a leg in Open Std.

Feb 11-12 Indy Winter Classic
Case wins WD/BOW for 2 pts on Thursday and RWD on Friday.

Feb 13-14 Gateway ASC
Case earned 2 legs in Elite Jumpers, a leg in Elite Reg, and a leg in Open Gamblers to finish his GS-O title.
Glory earned 4 Elite Regular legs and 2 Elite Gamblers legs.
Iron earned 2 RWD and 2 Rally Advanced legs.
Kenai and Crystal finished their RA title.

Feb 26-28 MASA show- Kalamazoo, MI
New CHAMPION Cider! Madie and Cider won WB/BOS for a 5 point major. Then they won BOS the next show.
Glory earned points in Rally and a High Combined.
Iron finished his RA title.
Kristi and Mia won WB for a 5 point major! So close now!
Megan and Paisley finished their RNX title and Breeze earned her RA. Both Quinn kids.
Desi (Ryder daughter) had some amazing rally runs with high scores.

March 5 GLKC AKC agility trial
Case earns 2 Q in Open, both with 1st place. New OAJ title.
Kona and Mike earned QQ #38 and 39, including a class win.

March 11-13 GOASC
Iron wins WD/BOW for a 5 point major.
Case wins 4 rally HIT and 3 High Combined.
Glory finished her REMX title!
Secret made the cut in winners!
Timber and Jennifer finished their RE title!
Bravo (Ryder son) wins RWD and makes the cut several times.
New CHAMPION Mia!! after a 5 pt win. Congrats, Kristi!

March 12-13 RRVASC show
Koda wins Altered WB/BOW. Congrats, Stephanie!

March 17-20 AKC Louisville Cluster
Case finished his OA title in agility and won a large Open blue class.

March 18-20 BRASC
Lola won WB/BOS for a 4pt major & WB/BOS for a 5 point major. Congrats, Jill!

April 2-3 GASC Stock trial/Show
Case qualifies in all 6 of his stock runs. 2 Started cattle for his STDc title, 2 Open ducks for his OTDd title, 1 Started sheep to finish his STDs title. Plus 1 Open Sheep leg! He also earned a HIT Aussie!
Iron won WD/BOW/BOB over a special for a 3 point major.
Bravo (Ryder son) won a RWD.

April 9-10 GOASC Agility trial
Glory earns 9 Qs and finishes ATCh 3!!
Case earns 4 Qs, finishing his RS-E and earning points towards his ATCH.
Cider and Madie earned 2 Novice Qs.
Kate and Anne earned several Qs and finished their GS-O title.

April 9-10 AKC agility
Linda Lou earns her NJP title and a Novice Standard leg!

April 22 Terre Haute Kennel Club
Case wins RWD

May 6-8 HWASC
Iron wins WD/BOW/3pt major and WD/BOW/BOS/4pt major to finish! New CH!
Glory finishes her RTCH! Rally Trial Champion
Cider and Madie earn 2 legs in Novice Rally. Once was an X leg
Bravo (Ryder son) won WD for a 3 point major
Kenai (Ryder x Libby) and Crystal earned their RE
Desi (Ryder daughter) earned the RNX title & earned a HIT in both Rally & Obed.
/Breeze (Quinn daughter) earned her RE title
Q (Case son) earned two legs in Novice Rally

May 6-8 In other news,
Congrats to Deb and Ran (Quinn daughter) who earned their STDd and OTD titles in stock!
Congrats to Cliff who won WD/BOW for his second AKC major!

May 14 GOASC agility trial
Glory earned 5 Elite Qs (2 Reg, 2 Jumpers, 1 Gambers)
Case earned 2 Elite Qs (Jumpers and Regular)
Nicki and Emma earned a Q in Open Jumpers and Novice Gamblers
Boom and Emma earned a Q in Novice Regular
Kate and Anne earned several Qs!

May 22 Greenfield AKC show
Case RWD

May 27-29 ASCMI
Koda and Stephanie earn an Altered WB for 2 points and RWB
Morgan (Ryder daughter) and Jennifer win Alt. WB x 3, WB/BOW, and RWB.
Bristol and Jennifer won RWB.

July 1-3 ASCMI
Case earns two QQs and two HC in rally as well as Qs in agility.
Glory earns several Qs in agility.
Nicki and Emma finish their JJ-O and GJ-O titles and earn two BJH.
Cider and Madie earn their JJ-N title, 2 BJH, a RJH, and a BOS.
Boom and Emma earn another leg in Novice Regular.
Kenai and Crystal earned two legs in Rally Masters.
NEW CHAMPION LOLA! Congrat to Jill on Lola's WB/BOS to finish!

Aug. 19-21 Gateway ASC show. Purina. Grey Summit, MO
Case earned Qs in Reg. & Jumpers
Glory earned Qs in Reg. & Gamblers
Cider & Madie earned a Q in Gamblers & finished the JJ-O title. They earned a
HIT Jr. in agility & a BJH & 2 RJH.
Nicki/Emma got a Q in Nov. Reg. & 2 BJH.
Iron earned an X leg in Nov Rally.
Speed and Ron earned their RM!
Breeze/Megan earned 2 legs in Rally Masters!
Morgan/Jennifer won 2 altered majors!
Koda/Stephanie won A-WB (major) & A-RWB!
Lexi won A-RWB!

Sept ASC of MI Labor Day show. Coldwater, MI
Case earned an XX QQ with HIT/HC
Glory earned an X leg in Rally Nov C.
Cider/Madie earned an X leg in Rally Novice and finished the RN title.
Nicki/Emma earned an X leg in Rally Novice and finished the RNX title.
Madie earned 2 BJH and a RJH.
Halo finished her RNX title! Case daughter. Owned by Gemi Brickson.
Breeze finished her RM title. Quinn daughter. Owned by Megan Brown.
Khelban won RWD. Ryder son. Owned by Liz Busquets and Janine Kestler.

Sept 23-25 MASA show
Case earned 2 QQs in Rally and 2 HIT!
Glory earned 2 perfect scores in rally and finished her RNX title!
Cider/Madie finished their RNX title!
Nicki/Emma earned an X leg in Adv.
Madie Cider won a BJH and a RJH.
Emma/Nicki won 2 BJH and 3 RJH.
Shimmer won BOSp.
Secret won RWB.
Bristol won WB/BOW and RWB.
Morgan (Ryder daughter) A-RWB x 2.
Koda and Stephanie won A-RWB.
Sophie won A-WB/BOS x 2! (Teresa)
Bravo won WD for a major! (Beth)

Sept 25 RRV Stock trial
Case earned 2 legs in Advanced ducks for his ATDd title! He also finished his OTDs title. He was HIT Aussie in both trials and High Scoring duck.

Sept 24-25 Other shows....
Cliff (Ryder son) and Debi won WD x 3 at an AKC show.
Riley (Quinn x Whiper) and Kathy finished their CD!

Oct 1 THKC AKC Agility trial
Glory- 1st place in Excellent FAST
Case-1st place in Excellent JWW. 2nd Place in Open FAST

Oct 8 ICC AKC Agility trial
Kona and Mike earn their MACH 2!!

Oct 15-16 GOASC agility trial
Boom and Emma- Nov Reg. Q for RJ-N title and 1st leg in Novice Jumpers Jr.
Nicki and Emma- Q in Nov. Regular.
Case- Qs in Elite Regular, Jumpers, and Gamblers. JS-E-OP title.
Glory-Qs in Elite Regular, Jumpers, and Gamblers.
Kate and Anne- Q in Elite Jumper

Oct 15-16 RRVASC show
Morgan (Ryder daughter) WB- New Altered Champion!!
Sophie RWB
Madie BJH and 2 RJH
Koda and Stephanie A-RWB x 2. Plus two legs in Beginner Novice Obedience.
Morgan and Jennifer- 1st leg in Rally Novice.
Cider and Madie- 1st leg in Rally Advanced.

Oct 15-16 In other shows
Linda Lou finishes her Open JWW and Std titles!
Riley and Kathy earned a leg in Novice level Heelwork to Music.

Oct 21-23 ASC of MI show
Shimmer BOBp and BOSp
Madie and Cider- 4 BJH and 1 RJH
Emma and Nicki- 1 BJH and 4 RJH
Bristol and Jennifer RWB
Iron earned an X leg in Novice rally.
Glory earned an X leg in Adv. rally to finish her RAX and RTX! Retired in rally!
Case earned a QQ and HIT and HC in rally.
Emma and Nicki earned another leg in Advanced rally.
Morgan and Jennifer finished their RN title and got a first leg in Beg. Nov. Ob.
Echo earned 2 legs in Excellent Rally

Nov 2 Fort Wayne AKC show
Lola won WB for a major! (Jill Thompson)

Katie and Anne finished their MXJ!

Nov 18-20 MASA show
Iron finished his RNX and RAX titles with a perfect score in Advanced!
Secret earned her RN and RNX title and won RWB.
Emma and Nicki won 2 BJH and finished their RA title.
Echo finished her RE and RM titles.
Morgan and Jennifer won A-BOB and A-BOS.
Paisley and Megan finished their RA and RAX titles.
Sophie and Teresa won A-WB/BOS for another point!

More November results:
Roulette and Sarah earn their NA and NAJ! Plus a leg in T2B.
Koda and Stephanie earned 2 legs towards their RN & two towards the BN. (AKC)
Sugar and Tom finished their BN title!

December news: Linda Lou is ranked #1 Aussie in AKC FAST CAT. (Lure Coursing) She's been at the top for over 6 weeks! 27 MPH!!! Way to go, Jayme and Linda Lou!
Congrats to Kona and Mike on another QQ.

Dec 17-18 ARF ASCA Agility
Case finished his GS-E and earned more ATCH point in Reg.
Glory qualified in 7/8 Elite runs!
Boom/Emma had a perfect weekend, going 4/4 & earning their JJ-N & JJ-O titles.
Trick had an awesome weekend earning many Qs in all Elite classes. (Ellen)