2013 Show results and news
Jan 26-27 Dayton Dog Club Agility trial- Springfield, OH
Cruise and Yvonne earn a leg in Masters JWW.
Glory earns QQ #18!

Jan 27 Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club
Trick earns his 2nd leg in Open B Obedience.

Feb 2 Car-Dun-Al Obedience Trial
Trick finishes his CDX with a score of 195! Congrats Ellen!

Feb 1-3 Gateway ASC
Indy wins Best Opposite Sex
Ellie wins Altered WB, WB/BOS, WB/BOW/BOB for THREE 3-pt majors!
Echo wins 2 A-BOB.
Echo and Riley win 3 BJH.
Tugg and Karen earn 3 legs in Nov. Rally for the RN title. 2 legs were X legs.
Tugg also won RWD to a big 5 pt major!
Glory earned 8 legs in Elite agility, 75 pts.
Boom earned 3 X legs in Masters Rally for his RM/RMX title!
Speed and Ron earned 5 legs in agility for the RS-N and JS-O titles!

Feb 3rd. Happy 1st birthday to the Owen x Ellie litter! Case, Nicki, Rylee, Helo, Peso, Beau, and Joker!!

Feb 8-10 Indy Winter Classic
Riley and Meghan win their Open Senior Jr. Handling class!
Indy wins WB for a 5 pt major! She is also Bred-By BOB and Group 2!
Ryder goes RWD to a major.
Quinn and Madie win their Open Junior Jr. Handling class!

Feb. 12th. Happy 4th Birthday to the Spencer x Glory litter! Speed, Dash, Kona, Betsy, ZooM, Libby, Cruise, Freddy, and Logan!

Feb. 17 ACI Agility trial. Beechgrove, IN
Glory earns QQ #19!!

Feb. 17 IDDC Pupsicle Disc Dog Competition
Logan and Jill win Novice Overall Champ & Judges' Choice! Their class wins included Toss n Catch and Freestyle.

Feb 23-24 Gem City Dog Obedience Club
Cruise and Yvonne earn a leg in Masters JWW.
Kona and Mike earn QQ #9 and 10!!!

Feb 23-24 Mid Atlantic ASC, Maryland
Echo and Riley earn two A-BOB wins!

March 1-3 GLKC Agility Trial
Glory earns QQ #20 for MACH!!!!
Cruise and Yvonne earn a leg in Masters JWW.

March 9-10 GOASC conformation/rally show. Dayton, OH
Case wins WD/BOW/BOB, RWD,and WD/BOW/BOB for two 4-pt majors!
Libby wins WB/BOS for a 4pt major.
Ellie wins WB/BOW/BOB for a 3 pt major and finishes her A-Championship!
Boom earns 4 QQs in rally, 4 HC, and 1 HIT.
Madie wins 1 BJH and 3 RJH.
Emma wins her Novice Jr. class for her 6th win to move up.
Indy wins Best of Breed.
Echo and Riley win 2 Alt. BOB
Riley and Kathy earn two legs in Adv. rally.
Kate and Anne win Alt. WB/BOW for a 3 pt major!
Tugg & Karen earn an X leg in Nov.- RNX title, & 2 legs in Adv. rally, and RWD.

March 9-10 Queen City Training Club Rally trial
Jessie Jane and Angie earn two legs in Rally Novice, both with 1st place!!

March 16-17 RRVASC Show
Libby- RWB
Boom- QQ, XXQQ- High Combined Rally
Quinn/Madie- 1 BJH, 1 RJH
Indy- BOS
Speed/Ron- WB/BOW 3 pt major- NEW A-CHAMPION!!
Echo- BOB, 2 BOS

March 16 Louisville AKC
Luke and Jennifer finish the RN title!

March 24 AKC Agility
Senka and Kyra earn the NA title!

March 23-24 HWASC Show
Case- WD 5 pt major, 3 RWD
Indy- BOB, BOS
Quinn/Madie- BJH, 4 RJH
Libby- RWB, Nov Rally- 200- HIT Aussie
Echo- 3 BOB, 2 BOS

March 29-30 RRVASC Agility
Speed- two 5 pt Qs in Open Regular

March 29-30 AKC Agility
Kate/Anne- Q in JWW

April 6-7 Buckeye ASC
Echo- 2 A-BOB

April 13-14 HWASC Agility Trial
Speed- Q/1st place in Open Reg- RS-O title. plus another leg in Open Reg.
Libby-2 Nov Gamb- GS-N title. Q in Open Gamb. Q in Elite Jumpers.
Madie/Ellie- Q in Open gamber
Emma/Ace-Q in Nov Jumper
Piper/Dave- 2 Qs in Nov Jumpers: Js-N title
Cruise and Luke got Qs at this trial too!

April 19-21 ASC of MI Show
Indy- BOB, BOS
Quinn/Madie- 3 BJH, 2 RJH
Nicki/Emma- 2 RJH - 1st Degree of Excellence
Libby- HIT/HIT Aussie, HIT Aussie, WB/BOW/BOB 5 pt major
Echo- A-BOB, 2 A-BOS
Morgan/Jennifer- 3 class wins

April 20 Car-Dun-Al DTC
Trick and Ellen finish the RA title and earn their first leg in Rally Excellent.

April 20... USASA Nationals
Cruise and Dave Q 5 out of 7 runs and earn QQ #11.

April 21 Columbus AKC show
Riley and Kathy finish the Beg. Novice title with 1st place.

April 28 Rand Park Dog Training
Trick and Ellen earn their 2nd RE leg.

May 3-5 HWASC Show
Indy- BOS
Quinn/Madie- 2 BJH, 2 RJH
Case-RWD, WD-3pt major- NEW CHAMPION!!
Libby- WB-2pt, NEW CHAMPION!! 1 leg in Rally Adv.

May 10-12 RRVASC Show
Quinn/Madie-4 BJH
Nicki/Emma- 4 RJH
Ellie- 2 A-BOS
Freddy and Michelle- Nov. Gamblers Q and 5 pt Nov. Reg. Q.

May 11-12 GOASC Agility trial
Luke and Jennifer- RS-N title

May 25-27 Tenn. ASCA Show
Ellie- 2 A-BOBs, 2 A-BOS
Indy- BOS
Quinn/Madie- 2 BJH, RJH, 3rd, 4th
Nicki/Emma-RJH, 4th, 3rd

June 28-30 ASC of MI, Midland MI
Case- BOB
Madie/Quinn-2 BJH, 3 RJH
Emma/Nicki- 1 BJH, 1 RJH
Libby- Leg in Adv. B rally, perfect 200 score.
Echo- 5 BOS
Timber- 2 WD for 2 pts.
Breeze- WB/BOS 3 pt major, RWB
Paisley(Quinn son)- BOBp

July 13, Hendricks County Fair
Madie/Quinn- Intermediate Showmanship Champion, Reserve Grand Champion
Emma/Nicki- Junior Showmanship Champion

Aug 16-17 Gateway ASC- MO
Boom- 2 QQ in Rally. (x legs in both Excellent classes)
Case- 2 legs in Novice Rally. 198/196
Tugg- 2 legs in Masters rally. (one was 199/1st place)
Timber-2 A-WD, 2 pts
Speed-Several Qs in agility! GS-O title!
Cruise- Several Qs in agility!
Ryder puppy (Flint) wins BOBp!

Aug 17-18 Indiana State Fair
Madie and Quinn win 2nd place in Intermediate Showmanship (as a move-up)
Emma and Nicki win 1st place in Junior Showmanship!!!
Madie and Quinn are on the Hendricks Co. drill team. 2nd place!!

Aug 24-25 Gem City UKC rally/obed show
Riley and Kathy earned a Q in Rally Level 1 to finish their title, as well as a Q in rally Level 2.

Aug 23-25 , HWASC- Winchester, IN
Indy- 2 Best of Breeds
Madie/Quinn- 5 RJH, 2 Legs in Novice Rally and 2 HIT Jr.
Emma/Nicki- 1 BJH
Ellie- A-BOS
Boom- 2 QQ in Rally Masters/Excellent (both XX)
Nita- Best Veteran
Kate and Anne- 2 WB/BOW for 2 pts
Tugg-WD-3 pt major- NEW CHAMPION!! Plus finishes his RM title in rally!
Echo- 2 A-BOS
Paisley- BOBp
Johnny- BOBp

Sept 8 Cudahay Agility trial
Trick and Ellen earn a 1st place in Nov FAST and 4th place in Nov JWW.

Sept 14- HKC AKC show in Lebanon
Quinn and Madie win the Open Jr. Showmanship class
Nicki and Emma win the Novice Jr. Showmanship class for their 1st AKC win.

Sept 15- HWASC Stock Trial
Libby earns 2 legs in Started Ducks, both with 1st place. STDd title!!

Sept 21-22 Fox Valley DTC Agility Trial
Trick and Ellen earn a 3rd in Nov JWW

Sept 21-28 ASCA NATIONALS- Greeley, CO
Libby earns a Q in Open Gamblers for her GS-O title, plus a leg in Elite Gamblers. Libby earns a Q in Elite Jumpers and 1 1/2 Qs in Elite Regular. She earned a leg in Adv. Rally to finish her RA title. She qualified in Started ducks and earned an evaluation score of 81 to meet all requirements to qualify for MVA!
Indy made the top 15 in bitches at a pre-show &the 1st cut in another pre-show.
Ellie made the cut in a pre-show and ranked 14th in the Finals.
Boom won 6th place in the Rally Finals!!! as well as another REM QQ in the Nationals rally show from Masters and Excellent.
Emma and Nicki made the cut in a pre-show, and then Emma and Ellie were top 6 in the Junior Finals!
Madie/Quinn placed 4th & 1st in pre-shows, 4th in Jr Finals, & 3rd in Nationals.
Tugg and Karen earned their first REM QQ from Masters/Excellent.
Speed and Ron earned legs in Open Regular, Jumpers, and Gamblers.
Echo and Riley earned a pre-show Premier, Nationals Premier, and 10th in Altered Finals.

Sept 28-29 Stone City KC Agility Trial
Trick and Ellen earn a 1st in Nov Std. and a 1st in Nov FAST

Oct 4-5 Collie Club AKC Agility Trial
Boom earned 2 legs in Masters Std.
Libby earned a leg in Ex. JWW and Open Std.
Cruise earned QQ#16
Kona and Mike earned legs in Masters JWW, STD, and T2B.

Oct 12-13 GOASC Agility Trial
Glory- 4 Qs in Elite Regular (2 first places)
Case-Q in Novice Regular
Ryder and Emma- 2 Qs in Novice Jumpers (JH) JJ-N title!
Luke and Jennifer earned legs in Novice Gamblers & Open Regular & Jumpers.
Riley and Jennifer earned a leg in Novice Jumpers.
Kate and Anne finished the JJ-N title!
Kona and Mike earned 15 points in Open Regular. (going towards RS-N title)

Oct 18-20 Ft Wayne AKC Agility trial
Cruise and Dave earn QQ # 17, 18, and 19!!
Kona and Mike earn the NF title and several Qs in Masters Std and JWW.

Oct 25-27 ASCMI
Boom earns 2 QQs in Rally and 2 X legs, plus RTCH points.
Case earns 2 Qs in Rally Novice, finishing his RN and RNX titles.
Madie and Quinn won 3 BJH and 2 RJH.
Emma and Nicki won 2 BJH and 3 RJH.
Indy won a BOB and BOS.
Tugg and Karen earned REM leg #2 &3. They earned 2 legs in Nov B Obedience, both with HIT Aussie and HIT .
Quinn's daughter Breeze is a New Champion! Congrats, Megan!

Nov 16-17 CISSC Agility trial
Libby earns 2 legs in Open Std to finish her OA title and a leg in Ex. JWW.
Case makes his AKC debut and earns a leg in both Nov B Std and JWW!
Boom earns a leg in Masters Std.
Cruise earns a leg in Masters Std. and T2B.
Kona and Mike earn a QQ!

Nov 16-17 WI-IL Agility Club (Wags)
Trick and Ellen earn 2 1st places in Nov JWW and 2 legs in Nov. Std, 1st and 2nd.

Nov 21-22 Cudahay Agility Trial
Trick and Ellen earn 1st and 4th in Nov FAST for the NF title and 2 1st places in Open Std.

Dec 6-8 GLKC Agility Trial
Cruise and Dave earn QQ #20 for MACH!!!!! They added another QQ the next day.
Case earned a Q in Nov. JWW
Boom earned a Q in Masters Std.
Libby earned a Q in Ex Std and Ex. JWW for her AXJ title. (both 1st place)

Dec 7-8 Iowa City DTC Agility Trial
Trick and Ellen earn the OA title with 1st place.

Dec 14-15 Think Pawsitive CPE trial
Freddy and Michelle earn 1st in Wildcard to finish the CL2 title. They also earned 1st and 2nd in Level 4 Std runs, and 1st in Level 3 Fullhouse.

Sorry, the website was down for several months this year. I know I missed some results and updates. My apologies!!